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Breaking Down the Walls May 21, 2008

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Progress on the Tillicum Youth and Family Center seems to have a life of it’s own. Some weeks progress is tedious and time consuming and then other weeks it seems that all we have to do is get out of the way and watch things happen. The latter has been the case in large part to the 63d Aerial Port Squadron of McChord AFB. Led by Tim Bhan a former resident of Tillicum a group of a dozen plus have come to work on the project on three different occasions. Each visit has made an overwhelming mark of progress, and brings the property one step closer to our goal of being finished with the remodel by December 2008.

The back half of the former Wander Inn Tavern was an apartment. Due to terrible living conditions the unit had not been occupied for nearly a year. This apartment needed to be removed to free up space for the development of the facility. With the swings of hammers and prying of crowbars the walls are down!

What an image to consider! Just see what can happen when a group of motivated people get together to do work. Special thanks to Tim and his motivation to get out and make this happen, and a special thanks to the good folks at McChord who see Tillicum as a place worth investing in.

I would also like to thank the youth program at Chapel Hill Presbyterian of Gig Harbor. On Saturday April 23rd thirty high school students and ten adult volunteers paid Tillicum a visit for the first time.

These students were participating in World Vision’s 30 Hour Famine and came to Tillicum to explore local missions. We started the work project with a prayer walk around Tillicum and then the delegation of jobs began.

Some students were on trash detail walking the neighborhood with trash bags collecting what they could find, others were on demo clean up duty while others were on cleaning crews working on the duplex units, mowing lawns and doing just about anything else that needed to be done.

What makes this all so exciting is seeing how all of the resources needed to make this project work are coming together at just the right time and right place. From receiving $50,000 at the Tacoma Narrows Rotary Auction, to a group of volunteers completing demo work down to the timing of the competition of our final architecture plans needed for filing permits. Sometimes we think we have control over how things work and how things are going to happen, I’m sure we do in some ways, but I’m so glad that we are not in others!

Dan Livingston


April 9, 2008

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So that guitar that has been sitting in your closet for the past few years. The one you promised yourself you would learn to play, or the one that your 15 year old son promised he would practice, ya that is the one. We are looking for good quality guitars for students that are eager to learn. We have a team of dedicated musicians willing to teach the youth that are involved in our Drop In Center in Tillicum. For you it is a great tax write off, freed up space in the closet and a warm feeling of making the world a better place. For the students of Tillicum it is an opportunity to learn music, explore the world through music and a chance to use their talents.

If you have a guitar you would like to donate please contact Dan Livingston at 253.677.2167 or dan@tacomayfc.org. Any guitars that are donated that are unable to be used due to cost of repair will be sold and the funds used to purchase equipment and supplies for the program.

Let the Painting Begin! January 23, 2008

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Thanks to the great team at Onedurr Painting of Lakewood the Duplexes are getting a much needed face lift. The colors being used reflect those that will be used on the Youth and Family Center when it is complete. We thought getting started on this now will continue to show the community that we are serious about making Tillicum a better place to live.

The interiors of the duplexes are also getting attention also. Two of the units are finished and occupied with the other two in the home stretch of completion. Special thanks to Anthony’s Fine Flooring, Onedurr Paint, Lake City Community Church, Tillicum Baptist and all the other wonderful people who have made this project possible.

If you would like to learn more about the Tillicum Youth and Family Center please feel free to contact us (253) 589-9359 or dan@tacomayfc.org. We have regularly scheduled tours of the project and would love to have you along!

Dan Livingston

Lakewood Director Tacoma YFC

More Than the Shoes January 23, 2008

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Seth came back last week and this time he brought more than shoes!

A skateboard has lots of volume. The roll of the wheels and slap of
the deck on a ramp don’t whisper as they pass by. Our week was once
again brought to life with these sounds and the shouts of joy and
frustration. Our friend Seth from All-A-Board skate shop was back and
this time he brought friends. The bodies were thick and many kids
found out that cement wasn’t a soft spot to land. But ramps and decks
build friendships as kids and adults found natural ways to compliment
and critique style and form. The final roar was made when perched on
chairs couches and the floor the students quiet as church mice listened
to Seth talk about his life before his encounter with Christ and how
Jesus took a skate punk in downtown Tacoma from a life headed to jail,
to someone who looked for every opportunity to help and encourage
friends and family. Seth’s encouragement to us was to look at each
other as family and let Christ be our lead. It is amazing how
skateboards make all that noise, but Tuesday we saw how a life lived
for others because of Jesus can be so much louder.
Got extra skate gear? We could use it! Helmets, wheels, boards and anything else! We are always looking for new and used skate equipment to keep the kids rolling on good safe boards. Contact us and let us know if you might have equipment that can keep these kids on the move.

Mike Olson

Lakewood YFC

Drop-In Shoes January 10, 2008

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Drop-In Shoes

by Mike Olson

Last Tuesday we got new shoes.  It started as a normal day with
school, rain and a breath of relief once the gates opened and the kids
got some time to relax.  They took to their favorite spots, the
foosball table, air hockey, the skate ramps, or the couch in front of
the video games.  The change came when Seth, a quite unassuming 30
year-old, came with 4 large trash bags full of shoes.  Every face lit
up when we saw the shoes. And the question was “Really?”  A quick ten
minutes later, an impromptu shoe store was set up with kids lining up
to pour over the selection.  Ear to ear smiles hung on every face as
they were showing off their band new foot gear. Animated conversations
took place in every corner and couch with the kids discussing the
merits of suede or polished, light or dark styles.

Some might just see this as an act of kindness from Seth the owner of
All Aboard Skate Shop in Puyallup. The truth is it is so much more. To
the students that regular the Youth for Christ Drop In every Tuesday
afternoon, it means that their families won’t have to find money for
needed shoes, kids can have warm dry feet on a rainy day and they know
for a fact that they are cared about.

For more information about The Tillicum Youth and Family Center please email dan@yfctacoma.org.

A Tillicum Thanksgiving December 19, 2007

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By Ruth Herried

With more and more young people around Tillicum coming to the drop in centre we thought it was really important to have a Thanksgiving meal together. We had the meal planned for the evening of the November 20th.  When we advertised the thanksgiving meal we explained to everyone at drop in that on this special occasion you could bring members of your family or friends as well.  We did our best to put together a list of the names of all those who wanted to come , and we estimated at around 30 guests.  Our invitation was open to Tillicum and instead of just 30 guests, 45 young people, family and friends arrived to join in the celebration of thanksgiving. It was a blessed time as we were able to share the gospel and pray before sitting up at the table and enjoying a ‘family style’ thanksgiving meal together!

We had a group of volunteers who generously gave their time and brought different parts of the thanksgiving meal and because of their hospitality we had more than enough for everyone to have seconds and thirds! There was turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, freshly baked rolls and a whole variety of different desserts and pies!  Even the eggnog and apple cider seemed to last, which is a praise to God as we had not planned for so many extra people! Even some of the kids that come to the drop in centr wanted to get involved and gave chips and cookies so there was even more treats to go around.

Thanksgiving at the Tillicum drop in center was an experience!  We had a whole family join us, more than eight people around one table! It was great to see one family come and spend time together while enjoying a meal.  Bringing back the importance of the family table and the family meal time is one of the aims of the drop in, so to see it happen before our eyes was very exiting.  The meal itself allowed staff and volunteers of Youth for Christ to meet more people who live in Tillicum, not just young people but their families too. Hearing and being part of the stories of those people’s lives motivates us to continue with the Tillicum project so that we can reach more young lives and spread the good news of Jesus providing some hope in such a desperate place.     

Well, it has been a long time… November 21, 2007

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Time for an update! Sorry for the long delay, but I’m back! Here is a status check on the Tillicum Youth and Family Center.

Progress is being made with the City of Lakewood on permitting. Our current issue we are working through is quite technical and involves water flow at a fire hydrant. This is just a bump in the road, but by no means a problem that can’t be overcome. Outside of the hydrant issue plans have progressed and as soon as that issue is resolved we will be ready to move forward with the permitting process.

The duplex component of the project is also moving along. We currently have two units occupied and we are looking for individuals who would like to move into the soon to be finished units. A special thanks to all the folks who have helped remodel those units.

The video is done! Watch and share this video!

The View From Here May 24, 2007

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Tomorrow is Friday, and we will be back in Tillicum for our regularly scheduled program. This week though there is something special in the air… yes that sweet sweet smell is a bbq! Jessie and Becky (two of the greatest cooks in the world) are preparing to give the youth a Memorial Day BBQ! I’ll have some pictures for you after the event. If you are in the neighborhood, feel free to swing on in and have a burger, with Jessie and Becky there is always enough food for one more!

Dan L

A bit of History on Tacoma Youth for Christ May 18, 2007

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Since 1948 Tacoma Youth for Christ has impacted thousands of young people and families across Pierce County.  Tacoma YFC is a state licensed Foster Care agency caring for nearly 70 children in 65 foster families, chaplaincy programs at Remann Hall (Pierce County’s juvenile detention facility), City Life urban outreach, Parenting Workshops at 6 sites throughout our area, Campus Life programs reaching young people on 10 local high school and middle school campuses, and Deaf Teen Quest for hearing impaired/deaf young people.  With 33 staff and over 500 volunteers, Tacoma YFC worked with over 3,000 young people and families during the past year.  Our vision is “to have a noticeable spiritual impact on Pierce County by engaging young people in the life long journey of following Jesus Christ.”  Lakewood YFC is one of three Ministry Mobilization Areas across Pierce County.

Who we are May 17, 2007

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Let me start by giving you the various statements for those of you who collect those kinds of things: The mission of the Drop In Center is to provide the youth of the Tillicum and Woodbrook area with a safe place to develop into healthy citizens, connecting them with caring adults who will help meet their physical, mental and spiritual needs. And this one: Our vision is to have a noticeable spiritual impact on Pierce County by engaging young people in the life long journey of following Jesus Christ. But these don’t really give the color and flavor of what we are doing on the ground.

Every Friday a group of dedicated adults come together at Tillicum Baptist Church to spend time connecting with some 20 students ages 12-16. What we do depends on what the kids are up to sharing during that Friday. Some of the kids spend the time using our cameras to take pictures of their coolest skate moves. Other ask us to teach them about a cool board game. And we always have a table of kids that want to teach us how to draw. Whatever it is, the point of the matter is giving our time because Jesus spent time “with us.” The great part of the night for me is when we get to put food on the table that many students have not had the opportunity to eat, outside of Taco Bell. One example comes to mind, we had enchilada fixings for the kids to make as they liked. When the food hit the table, the eyes were big, but the plates remained empty. Well it took some quick thinking from a table host to start dishing up for the kids. As they watch the creation, they caught on, and by the end of the night, all that was left was a small cup of cheese.

Continue to watch this site as the stories are told and bricks are laid down, both for The Drop In and in the lives of kids from Tillicum and Woodbrook.